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“Look deep into nature & you will understand everything better” - Albert Einsten. 

Nature is essential. Time spent outdoors nurtures our well-being, opening our hearts, inspiring our minds and lifting our spirits. At Huon Bush Retreats we value these things, and want to share them with you.

We embrace the role of caring for this unique environment, and strive to be as sustainable as possible. We wish to create a space that you can relax and recharge, regardless of race, sexuality or beliefs. You are welcome here.

We live cooperatively with the native animals whose home we share. We ask that you also appreciate that this place as their home, drive slowly on the roads and do not feed them human food.

Huon Bush Retreats was set up in 2004 by a group of conservationists passionate about preserving land for nature. In 2021, Michael Brill and Pamela Black fell in love with the nature reserve, and are privileged and humbled to became its current custodians.

About our place

Huon Bush Retreats is an award winning, carbon positive retreat offering guests a choice of self-contained cabins, glamping tipees and private campsites. It is set against an inspiring backdrop of Tasmanian native forest. This extensive private nature reserve is just 50 minutes’ south of Hobart. A perfect base to explore Tasmania’s Huon Valley.

We have an authentic commitment to sustainability. Your cabin is comfortably catered for with gas cooking facilities, fresh rainwater, solar powered lights, an eco-friendly composting toilet, a cosy wood heater and a private outdoor bath.

Disconnect yourself from the technological distractions of modern life, clear your mind and immerse yourself in nature.

Mount Misery Habitat Reserve

Mt Misery Habitat Reserve is a community conservation effort, where individuals have co-operatively protected eight square kilometres (1,600 acres) of private land, and intervening public lands. Properties are protected in perpetuity by conservation covenants which allow people to use 20% of each title, leaving 80% protected for nature.


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