Booking policy

Using Online Book Now Button

Bookings via the “Book Now” button are charged to your credit card in full at time of booking. Cancellations are as per the Cancellation Policy below.

Phone and Email Bookings

We welcome your booking on the following basis:

Full Price Cancellation Policy

When you book with us, we hold the cabin, tipee or campsite for you exclusively. 


We are a bush retreat. Your privacy and peace is protected by four kilometres of gravel public road, which is narrow, bumpy and steep in places. Please note that the site is accessible to all types of vehicles with care. To maximise safety for yourselves and wildlife, please drive slowly , especially at night and on tight bends. Maintain a speed of 30km on steep sections.


We have an authentic commitment to sustainability and attempt to be environmentally responible in all we do. We invite you to join us in this endevour by being mindful of your environmental imact, and use of resources, as you holiday with us.  Our environmental facilities include 12 volt solar electricity, composting toilets, wood heaters and natural water supply. There are no televisions, cabin phones, 240 volt electricity (except by speacial arrangement).

We hope that you will find these special features a positive aspect of your stay.

We allow fires in the firepit at our outdoor kitchen area. If you wish to have a fire near your campsite this is permitted if you bring own firepit and wood. No fires on the ground please.


Each cabin is nestled in its own private landscape, and we will leave you to enjoy the peace as much as possible. However, if you need us for any reason between 8am and 6pm, please reach out to us by ringing the doorbell at reception or calling 03 62642233, we wont be far away. After 6pm or before 8am contact us if your need is urgent or an emergency.

Habitat Reserve

Native animals roam free in this protected nature reserve. Non-native animals like dogs and cats are not permitted – guide dogs or registered assistance animals excepted.