WWOOF and HelpX Volunteers

Sorry: We are currently NOT accepting Wwoofers or HelpXers

Willing Workers On Organic Farms and HelpX  are international organisations that match people seeking learning and culture exchange experiences with hosts who have a suitable property to share.

WwoofersInformation for prospective wwoofers

Huon Bush Retreats offers a HelpX and WWOOF volunteer experience different to most hosts. We are a nature based tourism village, not an organic farm. We do not have a farm or garden, but we do have an extensive private nature reserve. Most of the help will be around the eco-tourism village and perhaps at other properties that we manage.

Duties are largely outdoors and physical. You do not need to be a weightlifter but you do need to be fit and reasonably strong. Some city based people find it a bit challenging here. Most adapt to the challenge and enjoy it, a few find our close connection with nature too different from what they are used to.

WwoofersWwoof accommodation is in a caravan near reception. It is equipped with one single plus one double bed, small table and hanging space. There is no heating but we do provide full bedding and extra blankets. Showers, toilets and other facilities are shared with the campground about 2 minutes walk from the caravan. We supply your food and in general, we cook, eat and spend free time together.

None of the work here is valid for second year visa. If obtaining your visa extension is the reason that you are volunteering, your best option would be a traditional farm. However if you love nature and want to engage with local Tasmanian people, then please contact us to discuss a time when you might visit.

We are 15 minutes drive (1.5 hours walk) from Huonville. We can arrange collection from the bus stop in Huonville and can usually offer a trip to town a couple of times a week if there is room during our routine supply trips. As this is a quality, eco-tourism establishment, quality and safety standards apply. We only allow fully registered Wwoofers and HelpXers, but if you are not yet registered, we can help you do so when you first arrive.

If all looks good, please email us for more information and to see when we can accommodate you. As we sometimes have more helpers wanting to visit us than we can accommodate, it’s best if you can email us at info@huonbushretreats.com well before you plan to visit.

Click here for the Wwoof website and to join Wwoof.

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