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12 volt solar electricity runs the lights and music. It is limited in supply. There is no 240 volt electricity or televisions in the guest accommodation. Composting toilets and natural water supply.


Winding Gravel RoadWe live up to our name of a bush retreat. Your privacy and peace is protected by three kilometres of gravel public road, which is narrow and winding in places. There is also a further one kilometre of private gravel road inside the extensive private nature reserve. To maximise safety for yourselves and the wildlife, please drive slowly, especially at night and on tight bends.

There is one steep hill that can be a little difficult for a few types of vehicle in very dry, dusty conditions. Some city based drivers may not be used to driving on this type of road. We provide a guide booklet at the bottom of the hill to explain how to safely negotiate the road.

You do not need four wheel drive (our car is a small Hyundai Getz). The site is accessible to all types of vehicles with care. However, Toyota Tarago front wheel drive vans with heavy loads, are known to be problematic for some drivers. Also please call to discuss bringing vehicles with trailers as only some types of vehicles can tow a trailer up this steep incline.

Our wildlife is accustomed to living in the security of the private nature reserve. As such many creatures have little understanding of traffic dangers. Please drive at 20km or less, especially at night.

If you are nervous about the road, please phone us. We are glad to assist. 


Each cabin is separate and private. Streamside and Clifftop cabins are totally secluded. This seclusion does not suit everyone. If you would like to feel connected with the main village area, please request Acacia Grove, Big Tree or Wallaby Grassland Cabin.

Habitat Reservepossum-1

Native animals roam free. Our conservation covenants protect the natural features in law. You will be surrounded by wildlife of all sorts, including birds, mammals, arthropods and reptiles. Small creatures often enter the cabins and tipees (arachnophobes might prefer a city hotel). Non-native animals are not permitted – guide dogs excepted.

Bookings and Cancelations

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