Wolf SpiderNatural Hazards

Whilst we take our safety responsibilities seriously, hazards are managed in different ways in different areas. Within the cabins, the highest safety regime is followed. As you move away from the main village precinct, towards more natural areas, you must accept an increasing degree of responsibility for your own safety. Hazards include but are not limited to:

  • Cutting, sharp or stinging plants
  • Trees or limbs may fall, especially in high winds
  • Animals may scratch or bite
  • Some animals are venomous
  • Steep ground and cliffs
  • Wildlife may jump in front of your vehicle
  • Bushfires may pass through the area


Fire Over Acacia Grove CabinFinding a balance between guest safety and environmental damage is sometimes difficult. Rather than the simplistic solution of creating huge clearings around each building, we have chosen a more sensitive approach. Our cabins are of all-steel construction. Whilst fire will damage them, they will not burn. Large areas of glass are toughened and thus heat resistant. If trapped in a sudden fire, the safest place is inside your cabin. We also have extensive reticulated fire fighting water supply.


In the event of fire danger warnings, we take hourly fire danger readings on site. If the danger reaches very high, we visit guests and advise them of the requirement to extinguish all fires. If the fire danger reaches extreme, we may have to ask all guests to leave the site from noon until 6pm. This evacuation has been necessary only once during the first 4 years of operation.