Life is better after a massage

We have a massage practitioner available to visit you at Huon Bush Retreats:

Time For Relaxation

Enhance the experience of the beautiful, peaceful environment of Huon Bush Retreats as you melt away under the skilful hands of an experienced Massage Therapist whilst listening to the calls of the Currawong in the distance.

Imagine having a therapist devoted to assisting you to leave the stresses of life behind as you enjoy the tranquillity of your own space.  Jayn will arrive when it suits you with all that is required to give you a massage in the privacy and comfort of your cabin.  She will tailor your massage precisely to your needs, using her skills in different Remedial Therapies to leave you feeling not only calm and relaxed but also re-energized.

The therapist: Jayne Iten

Jayn ItenIn order for your massage to be a positive experience it is always important to feel comfortable with the therapist.  Always feel free to ask questions or share concerns prior to the massage and ensure that the therapist is working at the pressure with which you feel comfortable, as everyone is different.

Jayn Iten has a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy. She trained in Tasmania and has worked as a Massage Therapist for the last ten years.   She loves the Huon Valley and has called it home since 1990.

Massages are $75 per hour if paying Jayn direct, cash or cheque only or $85 if paid through Huon Bush Retreats.

To Book your massage,
please phone Jayne direct on 0428 950 648

How will your body react to massage?

The healing touch of massage will have a different effect for each person, depending on what each individual requires.  Massage, whilst stimulating the circulation and flushing out toxins collected as a by-product of muscle use, will also reduce muscle tension and help improve tone in the muscles. This in turn will increase flexibility, relieve many aches and pains, and help to reduce stress.