Labyrinth Walk

Huon Bush Retreats Labyrinth by Jose Maroto

Huon Bush Retreats Labyrinth by Jose Maroto

A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze is designed to get you lost, a Labyrinth is designed to help you find your inner self. It has only one entrance and one centre. Labyrinths have been found in many ancient cultures and are seen as sacred spaces. Labyrinths are still used throughout the world as meditative and healing tools. It is believed that prehistoric labyrinths acted as traps for malevolent spirits or as paths for ritual dances. The labyrinth symbolised a path to God in medieval times, its centre symbolising god and the entrance symbolising birth. Throughout the ages and across the world many people could not afford to take a religious pilgrimage to holy lands and Labyrinths have served as a substitute. When walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world and thus quiets his/her mind, resulting in a relaxed mental attitude. As a form of relaxation and meditation the labyrinth can offer the pilgrim a range of health or spiritual benefits. Huon Bush Retreats gives you the opportunity to discover for yourself the possibilities of the labyrinth. If you would like to know more about Labyrinths, try the following websites:

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