Private Habitat Reseve

Huon Bush Retreats is situated within Mount Misery Habitat Reserve. This is a 14 square kilometre group of private properties and intervening public lands. Most of it is protected as public reserves or private conservation covenants. Mount Misery is the focus of the reserve. A walking track from Huon Bush Retreats to the mountain top has 30 interpretive panels and allows easy access to a range of natural habitats.

Community ReserveMount Misery Habitat Reserve is a 14 square kilometre area protected as public reserves or private conservation covenants.

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Wildlife at Mt Misery Habitat Reserve is abundant. Animals here are free to come and go as they please. They are protected in their natural habitat. This the perfect place to learn about them in their natural habitat.

Protecting Tasmania’s Wildlife

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A private habitat reserve protects the entire forest community. Vegetation ranges from open grasslands, acacia groves, young eucalypt regrowth, towering oldgrowth with 60 meter tall, 350 year old giants and even a small section of rainforest.

Protecting Tasmania’s Habitats

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The wheelchair accessible lookout is a fine place for bird watching. Many bird species can be seen throughout the site.

Protecting Tasmania’s birdlife

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As part of Mt Misery Habitat Reserve, we value all aspects of the natural environment, including landscapes, rocks, soil and water.

Protecting Tasmania’s Geoheritage

Cultural Heritage

We work closely with the South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation. We have permission to share a few Aboriginal stories on the interpretive panels along the walking track. In constructing the walking track some special locations have been deliberately avoided.

Protecting Tasmania’s Cultural Heritage

Tasmanian Wildlife Trail

TasWildilfeTrailBookletCoverA partnership between Tourism Tasmania, Wildlife Tourism Australia and Parks and Wildlife Ta

smania  the Tasmanian guide showcases unique wildlife experiences available around the state.

The island supports a variety and abundance of wildlife, although many animals are nocturnal and elusive. A quiet walk at dawn or dusk will reward a patient observer. Encountering a platypus, echidna, quoll, wallaby or Tasmanian devil in the wild is an exciting experience. Some of the memorable sights include watching wedge-tailed eagles soar on the wind or seeing the amazing spectacle of thousands of short-tailed shearwaters returning to their nesting burrows at dusk.

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