Environmental Sustainability

Huon Bush Retreats is a part of Mount Misery Habitat Reserve

We are proud to be conserving natural and cultural values and sharing them with our guests.

On-site conservation

Mt Misery Habitat Reserve is a loose collection of co-operatively managed private properties of about 14 square kilometres (3500 acres). Much is covered by legally binding conservation covenants.

Cabin eco-features

SolarAt Huon Bush Retreats, we take responsibility for our own environmental management. Huon Nature Trust, which owns the land, has been set up to allow people to contribute to the protection of land and natural values in the area.

The cabins are built entirely of steel to be extremely fire resistant. This allows each cabin to be nestled in it’s own environment, in close contact with the surrounding forest instead of the usual 30 metre clearing. Cabins are fully insulated and heated by modern wood fired heaters. We grow more wood on site than we consume.energy cycle 1

Twelve volt, solar generated electricity operates the lights, music and USB outlets at each cabin and tipee. At reception, we convert this 12 volt electricity to 240 volt to run our office equipment etc. We can charge guest computers, cameras etc at reception, with limited availability.

Although there is plenty of electricity for sensible use, if you totally waste it (such as leaving lights turned on all day), the batteries will be exhausted until the next sunshine. If your idea of a great holiday includes needlessly adding to the CO2 pollution of the planet by leaving your lights on all day, you might prefer a non-eco-responsible property that is connected to a coal fired power station.

During periods of low sunlight, we sometimes have to supplement the solar input with a petrol generator.

Water quality protection

Natureloo dry composting toilets

compost toilet composite 1280Our water quality is preserved firstly by not mixing clean water with sewage. To achieve this we use dry composting Natureloo toilets. Composting toilets mean there is no black water discharge and halves our total water consumption. Our waste water treatment first separates grease, then lint and particles. The remaining grey water goes to evapo-transpiration beds that keep untreated waste water out of the water table but still returns it to the earth. Most is then taken up by plants that use the dissolved nutrients to benefit their growth.

Negative pressure forced air ventilation means that there is a continuous airflow from the toilet room, down the pedestal, then through the tank. Even flatulence is captured by this system, ensuring odour free operation.

Natural water collection

Protection of water quality is very important in the operation of Huon Bush Retreats. We source all of our water from natural sources and carry out minimal treatment. We do not add chemicals. Each cabin is equipped with a micro filter that the manufacturers say removes 99.9% of all known bacteria.

Our operation is water neutral, ie we return as much as we take and what leaves our land is as clean as what enters it.

Waste Reduction


Each cabin is supplied with a bench top compost bin which we empty into our composting system-the resultant compost is then used by the soil organisms around the village and in our tree plantation.


Recycling bins are provided to each cabin and the campground. Our Earth Check Certification shows that we exceed best practice in our waste management systems.

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Plants and Animals

Conservation covenants protect the naturaTawnyFrogmouth1280l values by law and in perpetuity. Our reserve protects a range of vegetation habitats from old growth forest t sub-alpine heathland. Some of the area is being returned from abandoned farmland to native forest.

Our wildlife roams free without cages. Quiet, patient, observation will reward you with hundreds of birds and animals from the tiny invertebrates that recycle the soil nutrients, to soaring eagles overhead.

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Active in community environmental protection

Michael is active in local conservation campaigns and was a founding member of the Huon Valley Environment Centre. He was also active in the community campaign to prevent Gunns Timber from logging the Lucaston Valley.

Paul was a full time activist during the Franklin River campaign as well as working on a wide range of other issues. He also worked as a ranger with Parks and Wildlife Service. Michael and Paul’s success in achieving conservation goals lead to the opening of Huon Bush Retreats being blockaded by 60 forest workers and their families. We see this as an acknowledgement of our success in achieving good conservation outcomes over the years.

forest-track-group-2Huon Bush Retreats was opened on 22 February 2004 by Senator Bob Brown. Bob and his partner, Paul Thomas, were our first guests.

All staff share our environmental sentiments ensuring that the Huon Bush Retreats commitment to environmental protection carries throughout every level of operation.

We further our commitment to the environment by supporting other organisations with donated gift voucher prizes.

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