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A truly eco retreat

At Huon Bush Retreats, we do more than just greenwash. Whilst it is certainly a lessening of environmental impact when a hotel installs efficient light bulbs and only wash the towels after 2 days, this hardly qualifies as eco-friendly. We have designed our business so that there is a net environmental benefit.

We achieve this through protection of large areas of natural habitats, careful choice of building materials, a mix of energy sources, neutral water cycle.

Brief summaries are provided on this page. Full details are in downloadable attachments.

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EcoStar Accreditation

As one of the world’s premier ecotourism destinations, the Tasmanian tourism industry has many sustainable businesses committed to respecting and conserving Tasmania’s unique natural and cultural environment. EcoStar is a practical assessment for tourism operators to be recognised for their outstanding environmental practices. Huon Bush Retreats is an outstanding EcoStar accredited example where the environment comes first.

Green Tourism Certification

This assessment of Huon Bush Retreats was undertaken against EarthCheck Assessed Health Check and EarthCheck benchmarking indicators listed below. They have been carefully selected to track performance in key areas of environmental and social performance impact. Their outcomes which are presented in this report are used by EarthCheck to evaluate whether the operation has reached the standards necessary to pass the initial benchmarking requirements.

Huon Bush Retreats are measuring our performance against the EarthCheck program with some great results displayed below.

Click here for more information on the Green Tourism initiative.

HBR Exceedes Best Practice

In each of the four categories, Huon Bush Retreats exceeds World Best Practice for environmentally sustainable tourism operation. Click on graph to enlarge.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Water Consumption

Energy Consumption


Green Tea Certificaton summary

The certification document states:

“In addition to having a Sustainability Policy in place, four assessed EarthCheck indicator(s), Energy Consumption, Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2), Potable Water Consumption, Waste Sent to Landfill, are at or above the Baseline level.

From the benchmarking data provided, four indicator(s), Energy Consumption, Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2), Potable Water Consumption, Waste Sent to Landfill, are at or above the Best Practice level, which is an achievement to be highly commended.

Improvements in all the EarthCheck indicators will not only help the environment, but can also help reduce operational costs. Due to the positive commitment that Huon Bush Retreats has demonstrated to the environment, the assessors are confident that they can maintain or improve performance, where appropriate and practical, in all indicators.”

The full assesement can be viewed by downloding the pdf file from the bottom of this page.

Additionally, we are carbon positive

Note that onsite carbon absorption is not accounted for in the Green Tourism calculations. Calculations using National Greenhouse Office methodologies indicate that Huon Nature Trust’s 100 hectares absorbs and protects approximately 3,388 tonnes of CO2 per year. This gives us an overall carbon balance of 3,898 tonnes positive per year.

Carbon Balance Chart

Huon Bush Retreats EarthCheck Assessment 2012.pdf

Huon Bush Retreats Paul-with-Community-Achievement-Award-640wins environmental award

Huon Valley eco-tourism operators, Michael Higgins and Paul Dimmick are the proud recipients of the Nyrstar Environment and Sustainability Award which acknowledges proven passion and dedication to improving the Tasmanian environment. Click for the full story.

At HBR we take environmental protection seriously:

  • We protect a substantial area of forest and other habitats
  • We participate in the Green Tourism Certification Program

Huon Bush Retreats has been accepted by Responsible Travel

Recommended By Responsible Travel

What is responsible tourism?

Responsible tourism can apply to any type of holiday, from a luxury beach villa to a volunteering project. Responsible tourism simply means holidays that care about local communities & culture as well as wildlife conservation & the environment.

Huon Bush Retreats is a member of  Wildlife Tourism Australia

Membership no.  4022 WTA HBR Membership Certificate
Wildlife Tourism Australia
Promoting the sustainable development of a diverse wildlife tourism industry that supports conservation