Environmental Overview

Environmental Responsibility Taken Seriously

At Huon Bush Retreats, we take environmental protection sGT-Logoeriously.

A private community habitat reserve protects the entire forest community surrounding Mt Misery. Vegetation ranges from open grasslands, sub alpine heathlands, open woodlands, eucalypt regrowth, towering oldgrowth with 60 meter tall, 350 year old giants and rainforest.

As part of Mt Misery Habitat Reserve, we value all aspects of the naturaCertificationl environment, including landscapes, rocks, soil and water.


Huon Bush Retreats Wins Environmental Award

Paul with the Nyrstar Environment and Sustainability AwardHuon Valley eco-tourism operators, Michael Higgins and Paul Dimmick are the proud recipients of the Nyrstar Environment and Sustainability Award which acknowledges proven passion and dedication to improving the Tasmanian environment.

The award recognises that Huon Bush Retreats works in an ongoing way to overcome the challenges facing our natural world and to overcome the barriers to change that are often encountered in business. Environmental improvements can come in many forms, for example, changing behaviours and patterns of consumption, restoring impacted areas, establishing sustainable business practices, and the protection of threatened species and habitat. Huon Bush Retreats has been recognised as succeeding in all of these areas.

Day visitors and overnight guests can be assured that their holiday is helping do good for the environment.  During the awards ceremony, each of the four finalists was asked about their particular environmental endeavours. The MC, Peter Murphy, from Southern Cross Television asked Paul, “How do you manage to balance environmental protection with tourism impacts?”

Paul answered, “Trying to balance it would constantly present ethical dilemmas. Instead we just make sure that everything we do has a large environmental bias. One example is our carbon balance which comes out 3900 tonnes positive per year. That is we take in more carbon than our operations and our guest travel releases.”

Paul went on to thank the great team of staff members at Huon Bush Retreats, including the construction team, our maintenance people, cleaners, bookkeeper and partner Michael. “Without everyone doing their bit, Huon Bush Retreats would not be the success that it is.” says Paul.

He also thanked everyone in the Mount Misery community who have made the private habitat reserve a reality. Located in the Mount Misery Private Habitat Reserve near Ranelagh, Huon Bush Retreats offers guests a choice of self contained cabins, deluxe tipees and private campsites against an inspiring backdrop of protected native forest.

Paul says, “The walks are open to day visitors and we encourage Huon Valley residents to come and enjoy the beauty of the reserve. Please remember this is a habitat reserve, so please leave your dogs at home.”

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